Massage Therapy Boosts Relaxation


Have you been feeling more lethargic than usual? Or maybe you’ve been experiencing more frequent headaches? Day to day life can be extremely stressful; heavy workloads and rush hour traffic can be taxing on your body. With high levels of cortisol, that pesky stress hormone, there can be many negative impacts on your health - that’s where we, at Massage Eden, can help!

Massage therapy has been shown to help you enter a relaxed state that allows your body to fully rest and recover. Since massage therapy actually decreases the amount of cortisol in the body, you feel relaxed for more than just the duration of your massage. In fact, massage has been shown to stimulate brain chemistry responses that have longer lasting effects of improved moods, lowered stress levels and a lingering sense of relaxation.

Here at Massage Me, we have a variety of different types of relaxing massages - so take your time to find one that best suits you and your preferences! In addition to lower stress levels, continual massage therapy can help increase your energy levels, improve your overall mental and physical performance and reduce muscular pains. Our massage therapists work hard to customise your massage of choice to make sure you not only get the best experience, but also the best results. Massage therapy isn’t only enjoyable, it’s also good for your health.

So the next time you’re feeling stressed, help your body fight back against all that cortisol and come see us at Massage Eden, where we’re ready to help.

The Benefits of Boosted Relaxation

  • Raises positive attitude - feel good, more
  • Improves relaxed states of mental awareness - be more alert
  • Helps with better handling of pressure - shrug the stress away
  • Strengthens calm and creative thinking - indulge in your passion projects
  • Overall elevated mental outlook - be happier

Make massage a part of your routine.

At Massage Eden we make your comfort our top priority. Start today!

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