Massage & Mindfulness

Mindfulness massage.

We all know that a good massage feels great and one of the best ways to make the most of the treatment is to be ‘Mindful’ at the same time.

Sounds easy right…

But what is being Mindful and how can you do this during your massage treatment?

There are a few different ways to think about how to be mindful, but one of the more simple ones to understand and relate to is making sure that your thoughts are where your body is.

So, if you are having a massage treatment your thoughts should be focussed on the whole experience.

That means to be aware of the sensations you are feeling as the massage therapist works each different part of your body. To notice the music that is playing at the time. Notice the sensations you feel from your body being in contact with the massage table, what is the aroma you notice coming from the oil being used, what are the patterns you notice visually, even though your eyes are closed.

It’s possible to go through five of the six senses and bring yourself to be fully present in the experience of having a massage. (Taste is the one sense that probably isn’t one that can be incorporated into a massage experience.)

What you feel, what you are hearing, what you can see, what aromas you notice as well as - and perhaps most importantly - what you are feeling.

Some of the other things to notice could be if your mind becomes preoccupied with other things that aren’t related to the massage experience then and there.

If you find that you begin thinking about other issues that aren’t part of the massage treatment, it can work well, just to notice this, and gently bring your mind back to the here and now of your treatment.

A great way to do this is to bring your attention and focus back to your breathing and be aware of your breath as you breathe in and out.

The whole massage can be a great exercise in being mindful as well as having a body treatment.

Ideally, you’ll emerge from the session getting the maximum benefit from the massage treatment, feeling physically and mentally recharged as well.

Make massage a part of your routine.

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