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Thai Yoga Massage.

We’re lucky enough to have a few people on our team who were trained in Thailand, or who have been trained since they have been here with Jenny, our founder who was born and bred in Thailand too.

Traditional Thai massage tends to involve some stretching and doesn’t use much oil in the treatment which allows a firmer, deeper treatment if that’s what is wanted.

Thai massage can also be gentle if you want a more relaxing treatment along with the stretching techniques which help relax your whole body.

You can think of it as an ancient healing practice that actually originated in India, rather than Thailand.

It’s different from techniques like Swedish or shiatsu massage, where you passively lie on the massage table. With Thai massage treatments you will be lying down on a firmer surface and you’ll participate more actively in the massage process.

One of the reasons Thai massage is so popular around the world is that lots of people have been to Thailand on holiday, enjoyed having a great massage treatment whilst they were there and want to get the same kind of massage treatment now that they are back home.

In fact, looking and the number of searches done for massage “Thai Massage” tends to be one of the most popular search terms used.

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