Pregnancy Massage

Are you, or someone you know, an expecting mother? Having a prenatal massage at Massage Eden is a safe and relaxing way to soothe muscle aches, get a better night sleep, as well as improve your overall mood.

Prenatal massages can help reduce Edema, which is the swelling of joints during pregnancy. Because Edema can often be caused by reduced circulation and increased pressure on major blood vessels; massage can help as it stimulates soft tissues which reduce the buildup of fluids in swollen joints. You can also get relief from back pain, joint pain, muscle tension as well as headaches through pregnancy massage therapy.

If you’ve been experiencing a lot of stress, anxiety, or depression during your pregnancy, prenatal massages can help. Hormone levels associated with relaxation and stress are greatly altered when massage therapy is introduced to women’s prenatal care, which leads to better mood regulation and improved cardiovascular health. These changes in hormone levels through prenatal massage can also lead to fewer complications during birth, for you and your baby.

With pregnancy massage added to prenatal care, many women experienced a significant reduction in sciatic nerve pain. Expecting mothers often suffer from sciatic nerve pain in the later stages of pregnancy, prenatal massage therapy addresses this by helping to release the tension on nearby muscles and easing the pain.

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