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Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with Massage Eden's affordable pricing. Discover our range of massage services and special packages designed to fit your budget.

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At Massage Eden we offer a range of massage services designed to cater to your unique needs. Our skilled therapists are dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable experience, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Here are some of the massage services we offer.

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  • Massage Sessions

    Half Essential Session30mins$65
    Three Quarter Essential Session45mins$89
    Essential Session60mins$119
    Complete Session90mins$169
    Maximum Session120mins$229
    Extreme Session150mins$279
    Supreme Session180mins$339
  • Couples Massage

    Essential Session60mins$229
    Complete Session90mins$319
    Maximum Session120mins$429
    Extreme Session150mins$519
    Supreme Session180mins$629
  • Massage Add-ons

    Sugar ExfoliationN/A$15
    Balinese BeerN/A$20
    Hot StoneN/A$20
    Hot Herbal CompressN/A$30
  • Spa Packages

    Pampering Package120mins$229
    Purifying Package120mins$229
    Invigorating Package120mins$229
    Detox Ritual Package120mins$239
    Herbal Healing Package120mins$239
    Ultimate Indulgence Package180mins$339
    Oriental Retreat Package180mins$339
  • Infrared Sauna

    Basic Sauna15mins$25
    Standard Sauna20mins$35
    Bliss Sauna30mins$40
    Extreme Sauna45mins$60
    Supreme Sauna60mins$75
  • Facial Treatments

    Mini Facial30mins$65
    Purifying & Rebalancing Treatment45mins$89
    Rejuvenating Treatment60mins$119
  • Waxing

    Back, sack, and crack60mins$119
    Female Brazilian Wax (First time)45mins$89
    Female Brazilian Wax (Recurring)30mins$65
    Bikini Line15mins$40
    Upper lips15mins$20
    Eyebrow & upper lip20mins$40
    Lower legs to toes20mins$40
    Chest & stomach20mins$40
    Upper legs to hips25mins$50
    Full back25mins$50
    Full arms30mins$50
    Full legs to toes30mins$60
    Full face30mins$60
    Full body120mins$229
  • Body Scrubs & Wraps

    Body Scrub45mins$99
    Half Body Wrap45mins$109
    Essential Body Wrap60mins$129
    Oriental Foot Massage30mins$75
  • Four Hands Massage

    Essential Therapeutic Four Hands Massage60mins$239
    Complete Therapeutic Four Hands Massage90mins$338
    Maximum Therapeutic Four Hands Massage120mins$458

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